GraphQL Changes in Craft 3.4 (beta)

A look at how managing tokens will change in Craft 3.4.

Here are all of the videos in Fundamentals of GraphQL:

1What is GraphQL?An introduction to the course and an overview of GraphQL and where it came from. 08:40
2The Pieces of GraphQLHow does GraphQL work? Here are the pieces of GraphQL. 02:24
3Anatomy of a GraphQL QueryGraphQL queries can seem a little odd at first. Let's learn the different parts and how we can use them to retrieve data via our API. 06:29
4Setting Up GraphQL in CraftHow to set up native support of GraphQL in Craft including defining private and public schemas. 11:00
5Using Arguments in GraphQL QueriesInstead of hard coding values in our queries, we can pass data into a query using arguments. 06:03
6Defining a Default Argument ValueWe can also define a default value for a parameter. 01:56
7Using Fragments in GraphQLFragments in GraphQL allow us to build reusable components that we use in different queries. 03:13
8Using Aliases in GraphQLGraphQL aliases allow us to name the query results so we can separate out different queries. 02:55
9Running GraphQL Queries in Craft Twig TemplatesAs of Craft CMS version 3.3.12, we can now query our local GraphQL server right inside of a Twig template. Here's how to use it. 05:58
10GraphQL Changes in Craft 3.4 (beta)A look at how managing tokens will change in Craft 3.4. 03:18
11GraphQL Mutations in Craft CMSHow to create a new entry, update an entry, and delete an entry in Craft CMS via GraphQL. 15:29

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