Module 1: Git Data Storage

Let's learn how Git stores data.

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1IntroductionIntroduction 1:02
2Module 1: The Pieces of GitSince we're already comfortable with Git, let's dive in and learn more about how it really works. 03:44
3Module 1: Git Data StorageLet's learn how Git stores data. 04:25
4Module 2: IntroductionLet's keep moving and learn what we'll cover in Module 2! 02:37
5Module 2: Git LogWe'll review the basics of git-log and how we can use it to review the changes that have been made in the repository. 19:01
6Module 2: Git StashLearn how to save changes you've made and then apply them again later, using git-stash. 16:36
7Module 2: Git MergeGit-merge allows you to join together two different histories into one. 19:42
8Module 2: Git TagJust like with branches, tags are a way to mark a certain point in time in the life of your repository. 14:51
9Module 3: IntroductionWhat we'll cover in the final module of the course. 01:37
10Module 3: Git RevertWe covered reverting changes earlier but let's dip another toe in and learn even more. 07:43
11Module 3: Git ResetAnother way that we can undo changes in our repository is by resetting it using git-reset. Let's learn how it can help us solve problems. 13:11
12Module 3: Git BisectGit-bisect is an amazing tool for finding problems. It uses a binary search algorithm to quickly find a target in sequence so you know where your bug or issue was introduced. 10:30

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