Classroom training at your location.

Bring your team together for a day of learning.

Your Location

I'll come to your office or training location so your team can focus solely on learning. We only need a room large enough to comfortably seat the entire group.

Just Your Team

This is a private training class. You can ask questions specific to your company and technology stack without the risk of sharing proprietary information.

Your Schedule

We'll schedule the class when it works for your entire team. Pick a work day and we'll make it happen. Work around project milestones, releases, and deadlines.

Your Training Class

The Craft CMS training is a two-day class that gets your team up-to-speed on the fundamentals and best practices of building websites with the Craft CMS.

We start off with an introduction to the basics of using Craft. As the class goes on we work together to build a sample site using the information we learn. By the end of the class the entire team will have built their first website in Craft.

The class covers:

Included in the class are:

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Classroom Training FAQs

Yes. This course is taught on site at your location.

For a classroom training you'll need:

  • a room to comfortably accommodate your team
  • a laptop projector and screen
  • a whiteboard or flipchart with markers
  • laptops (or desktops) on which each attendee can complete the hands-on exercises, and access rights on those machines to install the required software
Each class has a base fee and can be customized to meet your team's needs. Submit the form above to get an exact price for your team. The fee does not include travel or lodging, which will be invoiced separately.
Ideally 30 days in advance but if you have a shorter deadline, please let me know in the form above.

Official Training Partner

Mijingo (the company behind CraftQuest) is the official training partner of Craft CMS. We've been teaching Craft since before the original 1.0 release. Ryan has also taught at the official Craft conference, Dot All.

Meet your teacher.

Since 2008 Ryan Irelan has:

  • been teaching web development online,
  • published dozens of video courses,
  • spoken at key industry conferences
  • taught at NASA, University of Chicago, UMass, and The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.