Teach with Us

Join CraftQuest as an Author

CraftQuest has been publishing tutorials on Craft CMS and modern web development since 2018. Since the beginning we've looked to the community for collaborators and now we are expanding our cadre of instructors!

What kind of tutorials can I publish with CraftQuest?

We are looking for experts in Craft CMS and modern web development to author:

  • Written articles
  • Single video lessons
  • Multi-video courses

The format is up to you and what you think best fits your own skill sets and communication preferences.

Which topics do you need covered on CraftQuest?

This list is not comprehensive, so please write in with any ideas you might have, but here's where we need assistance right now:

  • extending Craft CMS with plugins and modules
  • headless Craft CMS (with Nuxt, SvelteKit, Next, etc.)
  • Craft Commerce
  • customizing Craft Commerce
  • advanced Twig usage
  • soft skills topics that are relevant to professional web developers and small web agency owner/operators.

Do you give editorial input and assist with production?

Yes! We know not everyone is experienced in creating video-based tutorials. That's okay! We are experts at it and have been publishing video content, articles, and books since 2008, and are here to help guide you along the way.

We will also have a guide on how to create effective training material, as well as technical guides on video production.

Why should I work with CraftQuest?

CraftQuest is an authority on training and information about Craft CMS and modern web development.

We've been publishing regularly since 2018, are an independent company funded through subscriptions and profitable since launch.

Oh, and all published content is paid.

How do I apply?

Email us with the subject line "Teaching at CraftQuest" with a few topic ideas you have. We'll follow up with you!