Extending Craft CMS

Extending Craft CMS

Craft just doesn't do enough for you and you're ready to extend it with a module or plugin. Some PHP experience is necessary since we'll be working in PHP code throughout these courses and lessons.

The Extending Craft CMS quest is made up of the following material:

1 My First Craft CMS Module In this course you will learn how to create a Craft CMS module. At the end of the course you’ll be comfortable with getting up and running and bootstrapping your way to solving your own problems with a module.
2 Extending Twig in Craft CMS In this course, we’re going to build a Twig filter and a Twig function that will make it easy to "plantify" any text we pass in. Along the way we'll learn the fundamentals of extending Twig inside of Craft CMS.
3 Building a Craft CMS Dashboard Widget We are building a deprecation notifier widget named DeprecNotifier. The widget will give quick insight into the number of deprecation errors logged for your site. It will provide you with a glance at how many depreciation notices there are for your site.
4 Creating a Craft CMS Field Type In this course we are going to learn how to create a custom field type for Craft CMS. You may be watching this because you’re curious about how to extend Craft or, more likely, you find yourself in need of a custom field type for Craft and want to know how to build it.
5 Building a Craft Module Ryan and Andrew talk about what a Craft module is, when to build one instead of a plugin, and then they build a simple module live.
6 Getting Started with Craft Plugin Development In this mini-course plugin developer Ben Croker walks through some Craft plugin development fundamentals. Learn the steps involved in setting up a basic plugin, how to add a Settings page, and more.
7 Craft Plugin Development In-Depth Join plugin developer Ben Croker on a journey of exploring Craft plugins in-depth. Go beyond and the basics and learn how and why plugins work the way they do. Along the way improve your own plugin development chops and learn how to write better plugins.