Experienced with Craft

Experienced with Craft

With a few Craft-powered websites complete, you want to learn some power moves, better practices, and advanced techniques.

The Experienced with Craft quest is made up of the following material:

1 The Craft Mindset Before you throw a bunch of content at Craft, stop for a minute and learn how to approach content and Craft together. We'll cover the steps necessary to understand how to model content in Craft.
2 Twig Templates in Craft In this course you will get a comprehensive overview of working with Twig templates in Craft. The goal is to get over the hump of writing Twig code, dispel any myth that using Twig is difficult, and help you take the next step in using Craft.
3 Flexible Twig Templates in Craft 3 In this course Ryan teaches the Flexible Template Stack, an approach originally put together by developer Anthony Colangelo. The Flexible Template Stack in Twig and Craft allows you to have reusable templates that can render content from any section of the site. This is a setup you can use over and over again on your Craft-powered projects.
4 Control Flow in Twig In this course we will learn the fundamentals of control flow in Twig. We’ll learn what’s available to us to more carefully control how and when content is outputted in our Twig templates. Control Flow is how we tell our program (or in our case templates) when and under which circumstances to process our statements. In Twig these statements could be including a new template, setting a variable, running macro, or using a Twig output tag to output something to the screen.
5 Dates in Twig and Craft This course is a look at how to handle dates in Twig and Craft, including date formatting, DateTime objects, date comparisons, and modifying dates.
6 Advanced Element Queries in Craft Learn how to use Advanced Element Queries in Craft to customize a query and, perhaps, improve performance.
7 Deploying Craft CMS 3 There are many different ways to deploy Craft: manually, homespun scripts, using one of the various deployment services, and deployments integrated in hosting providers. This course attempts to catalog all of the different ways you can deploy Craft.
8 Creating a Boilerplate Craft Project Join Ryan and Andrew as they cover how to build your own custom default Craft project and generate it using `composer create-project`. We cover everything from Git to Composer to Packagist.