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Our background is in solving problems through code. We have worked with companies and organizations like NASA, Ben & Jerry's, Papa John's, MTV, and Stanford University.

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We have two decades of practical experience solving problems for clients and customers.

CraftQuest is known for our highly regarded training materials on content management systems, Git version control, and modern web development.

But we also care for a select group of client partners that rely on us for ongoing technical strategy and advice, web development, data migration, and custom software development. In addition, we've worked with companies and organizations across all sectors through our development and training services, including NASA, University of Chicago, University of Massachusetts, and Frontier Co-op.

Technical Advice & Guidance

Since 2014, we have worked with a dozen companies and organizations to help them succeed through ongoing technical guidance and input. As existing teams embark on a project with new technology, like Craft CMS, we can help them plan their project for success.

We do this type of engagement on an ongoing basis for the project's duration as part of a monthly agreement.

Extending Craft CMS

Sometimes your project's requirements don't precisely align with Craft CMS. And we expect that because Craft CMS is off-the-shelf software and not tailored to your project's needs.

But it can be through Craft plugins and modules.

We build custom solutions that plug into Craft CMS and work seamlessly with the native functionality. This site right here is full of customizations we achieved through both Craft plugins and modules.

Custom Web Development

Perhaps you need someone to turnkey your project development. You hand us the design and requirements, and we take that to do a custom development project using the appropriate technology. Whether the work is done with Vue.js, React, headless CMS setup, or any modern stack, we can help.

And, if for some reason, we cannot do all the work ourselves, we have a network of strategic partners that are the best practitioners in design, project management, and development.

Custom iOS Development

If your project extends beyond a website or web application, we can help. Our network extends to some of the best in the industry who've worked on apps like Dark Sky.

Customized Team Training

CraftQuest is a fantastic collection of training material. More than 700 videos and hours and hours of learning opportunities. But sometimes, you need someone to tailor a training curriculum precisely to your team, project, and skillset.

We've done that in the past at NASA, the University of Chicago, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

You provide us your requirements, and we build a curriculum based on them, even using your project-specific code samples, and then teach that material to your team (in-person when available or remotely).

Just Need Advice and Guidance?

If you just want feedback and input on your project or specific challenge, you can book a consulting call with Ryan. This is perfect for very targeted conversations that will immediately help you or your team solve a problem.

Our Values

We've spent two decades helping others solve their business problems with technology.

Curiousity About Why

We have worked across several different industries and are infinitely curious about how and why businesses operate the way they do. Likewise, we will be curious about how your business or industry works. Whether you manufacture nails or autonomous robots, you'll find us asking questions to understand your perspective better.


We want you to you benefit from our work and get tremendous value from the time and money you are dedicating to it. When we work with you, we see ourselves as partners. We intend to enjoy our work, feel appropriately compensated for that work, and thrive in the process of furthering the goals of your organization through the project. A team that works well together always sees value in each other and that creates equitable outcomes.


We strive to deliver quality work that stands meets or exceeds the project requirements. We achieve this together through clearly defined requirements, appropriate code, and user acceptance testing. While no software project is flawless, we aim to make sure we deliver quality work to you.

Simplicity First

Some agencies and developers will over-engineer a project for reasons of scope or purely because they just can't help themselves. Simplicity is a core value because the simplest solution is always the best place to start. And, sometimes it's the best place to end up, too.

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