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Facing an implementation challenge and need quick expert advice? Book a 1-on-1 consulting call and hop on the phone with Ryan Irelan.

Quick Help

Consulting and Advice Call

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Need quick help with your project or input on an implementation challenge?

If you're facing a project-specific challenge and need quick, expert help without the entire proposal process, then schedule a call with Ryan. This is perfect for those situations when you just need an expert opinion to help your team without a bunch of overhead.

My availability may vary, but you'll be able to immediately book a time with me and schedule the call. The call typically takes place within a day or two of booking.

Call topics could include:

  • Input and guidance on planning a new project
  • Content migration strategy guidance
  • Best practices advice and process planning
  • Web development career advice and strategy
Book a Call

Cost: $500

About Ryan

Ryan is the creator of CraftQuest and primary instructor. Through his agency work and software team management, Ryan has worked with brands like Ben & Jerry's, Papa John's, and Stanford University. He's taught engineers at NASA, internal teams at the Univeristy of Chicago, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Umass Boston.

Have a bigger project that's beyond just a call? Read more about how we work.

Our Values

We've spent two decades helping others solve their business problems with technology.

Curiousity About Why

We have worked across several different industries and are infinitely curious about how and why businesses operate the way they do. Likewise, we will be curious about how your business or industry works. Whether you manufacture nails or autonomous robots, you'll find us asking questions to understand your perspective better.


We want you to you benefit from our work and get tremendous value from the time and money you are dedicating to it. When we work with you, we see ourselves as partners. We intend to enjoy our work, feel appropriately compensated for that work, and thrive in the process of furthering the goals of your organization through the project. A team that works well together always sees value in each other and that creates equitable outcomes.


We strive to deliver quality work that stands meets or exceeds the project requirements. We achieve this together through clearly defined requirements, appropriate code, and user acceptance testing. While no software project is flawless, we aim to make sure we deliver quality work to you.

Simplicity First

Some agencies and developers will over-engineer a project for reasons of scope or purely because they just can't help themselves. Simplicity is a core value because the simplest solution is always the best place to start. And, sometimes it's the best place to end up, too.