Classroom Training

Classroom Training

I’ve taught teams at NASA, University of Chicago, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and University of Massachusetts Boston. They all had one thing in common: the positive results of bringing the team together for a day or two to learn a new technology.

Each training class has a base curriculum that can be customized to meet the exact needs of your team.

I’ve taught Git version control but added in material about Subversion because the trainees were moving from Subversion to Git. I’ve also customized my curriculum to work with a customer's technology stack.

When customers bring me in for training I don’t just show up and teach. I make sure my teaching goals match your learning objectives.

Right now I offer the following in-person classroom training:

Git Fundamentals & Workflows

A one-day class on the fundamentals of Git version control. We cover the basics, workflows for using Git, and how it works under the hood.

Git Fundamentals & Workflows covers:

  • History of Git, how it was created
  • The Pieces of Git
  • Git Workflows
  • Under the Hood of Git

This course includes:

  • One day in-person instruction by Ryan Irelan
  • 80-page eBook of course material
  • Slidedeck used during course
  • Option to add post-training assistance for implementing Git workflows.

Git training can be combined with one of the other training classes from Mijingo.

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Craft CMS

The Craft CMS training is a two-day class that gets your team up-to-speed on the fundamentals and best practices of building websites with the Craft CMS. We start off with an introduction to the basics of using Craft. As the class goes on we work together to build a sample site using the information we learn. By the end of the class the entire team will have built their first website in Craft.

This course covers:

  • Fundamentals of Craft CMS website development
  • Introduction to Twig and how it works
  • Advanced Twig usage to create a reusable, flexible template stack

Included in the class are:

  • Two days in-person instruction by Ryan Irelan
  • eBook of course material
  • Slidedeck used during course
  • Option to add post-training assistance for using Craft in your projects

Learn more about Craft CMS Training

Do you need training other than what is listed here? I have a wide network of educators that might be able to help. Get in touch.