Craft CMS Classroom Training

Craft CMS Classroom Training

Craft and ExpressionEngine Classroom Training from Mijingo

You have a team. They need to learn Craft and start building or maintaining your website.

Mijingo's private, in-person Craft training class can help:

  • Get your team up-to-speed quickly and efficiently, while avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls.
  • Learn the skills necessary to manage an existing website running Craft, including how to expand and build on top of it.
  • Explore the power and affordability of using Craft CMS and leave behind other tools that break your spirit (or your budget).

The classroom training will provide you with the tried and true methods for building websites with Craft.

Meet Your Instructor

The classroom training is taught by Ryan Irelan, founder and chief educator at Mijingo.

Web development training by  Ryan Irelan of Mijingo

Ryan has more than a decade of professional experience in web development. He is the former Vice President, Technology at Happy Cog, a premiere digital agencies and trailblazer for the web. He's authored numerous video courses for web designers and developers (including two on Craft), is the author of two technical books, and conference speaker and presenter. Ryan lives in Austin, TX.

What’s Covered?

This is a comprehensive 2 day course on Craft. When it’s over your team will be ready to start building a new website on Craft or making changes to an existing site.

Here’s the high-level overview of the course:

  • Getting Started - First we’ll make sure everyone is up and running on Craft and ready for the hands-on coding. We’ll learn best practices for installing and updating Craft, configuring it, and then exploring the application to become familiar with the Control Panel, and files and directories.
  • Building Templates - We will start with a simple template so we can learn some of the basics first. After that we will learn how Craft templating works, including an introduction to Twig.
  • Representing the Content - Learn how to translate design and content requirements into Craft sections, fields, and publish layouts. This also includes best practices for using the powerful Craft Matrix field.
  • Smart Template Development with Twig - We’ll learn the ins and outs of Twig—going beyond just the basics—and how you can make Twig work for you. Because of Twig, Craft offers a robust template layout system, which allows you to extend templates and override parts of them on-the-fly.
  • Routing and Special Cases - Every site has a special case or two for handling URLs. We’ll learn how to handle those using Craft’s routing capabilities.

Questions about Training

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Mijingo Craft classroom training. I'm happy to answer more questions in our preliminary phone call.

Is this for me?

This private classroom training was created for web designers and developers. No prior experience with Craft or programming is required. The course is hands-on and together we’ll build a Craft-powered website.

Will you come to our location?

Yes. This course is taught on-site at your office or a training space. As such, you’ll need the following:

  • a room to comfortably accommodate your team,
  • a laptop projector and screen
  • a whiteboard or flipchart with markers
  • computers (laptop or desktop) on which each attendee can complete the hands-on exercises, and access rights on those machines to install the required software.

Ready to Learn Craft?

To schedule your training, get in touch via email (use the button below) so I can learn more about your team.

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