ExpressionEngine Classroom Training

ExpressionEngine Classroom Training

With an expert instructor, it's easy to learn ExpressionEngine.

  • Get your team up to speed quickly and efficiently, while avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls.
  • Learn the skills necessary to manage an existing website running ExpressionEngine, including how to expand and build on top of it.
  • Explore the power and affordability of developing websites on ExpressionEngine, and leave behind the other so-called CMSs that break your spirit or budget.

Learn the tried and true methods for building websites with ExpressionEngine, directly from the expert.

What's Covered?

How to develop ExpressionEngine websites like the pros. Through a series of guided instruction, hands-on exercises, and discussion, you'll learn how to develop ExpressionEngine websites the way the experts do. Topics include:

Getting Started: ExpressionEngine is a web application. Learning how to install it in a local development environment is an important first step.

  • Setting up a local web development environment
  • Testing the environment meets requirements to run ExpressionEngine
  • Installing and configuring ExpressionEngine
  • Exploring the application

Building Templates: Before jumping in to build an entire EE site, we first want to learn some of the basics of working EE templates.

  • Learning about EE URLs and how they interact with templates
  • Displaying dynamic content in the templates
  • Creating your own EE variables
  • Using EE template tags to bring a template to life with dynamic content

Creating Your First EE Site: With our basic EE skills at the ready, we learn how to build a website, step-by-step, from beginning to end. This is the longest portion of the course and will cover a large number of topics.

  • Setting preferences, content sections, categories and member accounts
  • Coding templates to display content, and categories
  • Reusing code with embed templates
  • Displaying content by category
  • Creating and managing static pages
  • Building an RSS feed
  • Adding search functionality to the site

Advanced Techniques to Enhance Your Site: With our first EE site built, we will build on it with advanced EE development approaches that will make it possible to build complex websites.

  • Writing custom MySQL queries in the template to retrieve the data you need
  • Setting up Stand Alone Entry Forms to add content outside of the Control Panel
  • Using Embed Variables to share data between templates
  • Advanced tag use, like searching for entries and dynamic parameters

Website Optimization: The important last step in building your EE site is to make sure it will perform well for your audience. These techniques will help you build a lean, efficient website that will not buckle under traffic.

  • The four types of caching
  • Disabling unneeded queries
  • How to handle extremely high traffic

Is this for me?

This class is for web designers & developers. This course is taught so both Web Designers and Developers can quickly learn ExpressionEngine. No previous experience with ExpressionEngine or programming is required. The course is hands-on and we will build an ExpressionEngine website from beginning to end.

Will you come to our location?

Yes. This course is taught on site at your location. As such, you'll need the following:

  • a room to comfortably accommodate your team
  • a laptop projector and screen
  • a whiteboard or flipchart with markers
  • laptops (or desktops) on which each attendee can complete the hands-on exercises, and access rights on those machines to install the required software

Ready to Learn ExpressionEngine?

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