Code Downloads

Code Downloads

To help you follow along with the tutorials, we provide the full code (both static templates and ExpressionEngine templates) for all screencasts, ebooklets or other tutorials.

JavaScript Task Runners: Grunt & Gulp

This code package contains two sets of files: starter and complete files for both Grunt and Gulp.

Static Websites with Jekyll

This code package contains a set of starter files for the sample site and the complete site using Jekyll.

Learning ExpressionEngine

The files and assets you need to follow along with the Learning ExpressionEngine course.

The Happy Cog Way

These downloads are for the Happy Cog Way series of courses. Some assets are not listed here but are in the course package you can download from your Account page.

Getting Started with WordPress

This download is of the complete theme built during the video course.

Learning Craft

The download below contains the static HTML/CSS templates, with necessary assets so you can follow along and build the Crafty Records website.

MySQL and ExpressionEngine Screencast

Two simple templates and a database dump of our sample web designers database.

The templates will help you as we work with MySQL and ExpressionEngine.

Relationships with Playa Screencast

The courses, faculty and sidebar templates that we use to display the related entries.

PHP for Python Developers

This download is of the images script built at the end of the video.

Building an ExpressionEngine Add-on

Download the code of the sample add-on "Low Likes" so you can follow along with the video.

Learning ExpressionEngine (Previous Version)

The coded templates are broken up by episode and downloadable as zip files. Make sure you also grab the static templates for entire series. They will be needed to build out the Channel University website.

Be sure to download them all so you can follow along!