Algolia-Powered Search in Craft

A simple approach to getting Algolia-powered search for your Craft CMS entries. We use two Craft plugins to make really fast Algolia search available in our Craft CMS templates.

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Ryan Irelan

I am the creator of CraftQuest, a web developer, and former software team manager. I spend most of my time improving CraftQuest with code and courses. When I'm not in front of the computer, I spend my time with my family, and running on the roads and trails of Austin, TX.

Algolia-Powered Search in Craft is made up of the following videos:

1 Introduction to the Course Let's take a few minutes together and discuss what we'll learn in this course. 03:34
2 Setting Up Algolia The first step to using Algolia is creating an account and setting it up. 03:10
3 Installing and Configuring Scout On the Craft side, we'll use the Scout plugin to make our connection to Algolia to upload data to the index. 06:58
4 Mapping Craft Data to Algolia We map our Craft entry data to properties in our index records. This requires a bit of coding but should be easy enough with these examples. 08:15
5 Configuring Algolia Search Settings We take a short, initial look at the Algolia index search settings. 03:11
6 Adding Additional Data to the Transformer In this part we add tag, category, and asset data to our transformer and send the data to Algolia. 10:29
7 Testing the Index Data Using Algolia UI Demos Algolia offers UI demos so you see how your data and settings work without standing up your own application first. 05:36
8 Using a Craft Module to Handle Data Transformations Manipulating data right in the Scout config file is messy and not optimal. Let's break it out into a Craft module and keep our config file clean. 09:56
9 Implementing Algolia Plugin for Search in Twig Templates We build a very basic search with the Algolia plugin. 12:51
10 Implementing Algolia InstantSearch in Twig Templates We use the InstantSearch.js library from Algolia to quickly add a search filter tool with keyword highlighting to our Craft CMS site. 11:58