Control Flow in Twig


We jump into the second type of Control Flow in Twig: Loops.

Here are all of the videos in Control Flow in Twig:

1 Introduction What we'll learn in this course. 01:23
2 What is Control Flow? Before we learn the techniques, let's first learn what Control Flow is. 03:27
3 Two Types of Control Flow The two types of Control Flow in Twig. 00:45
4 Choice - If In Twig, we can use If to handle Choice control flow. 09:26
5 Choice - Available Operators in Twig What operators can we use in our Twig conditionals? 03:16
6 Choice - Containment Operator We look at how we can use the containment operator in Twig to check if a variable contains what we're looking for. 03:04
7 Choice - Test Operator We use the Test Operator to check if a variable is what we think it is. 13:12
8 Choice - switch The switch statement in Twig is only available in the Craft CMS. It's not part of core Twig. 07:05
9 Choice - Ternary Operator When we want to make our conditionals compact or contained within another Twig tag (like an include tag), we can use the Ternary Operator in Twig. 10:51
10 Loops We jump into the second type of Control Flow in Twig: Loops. 06:26
11 Loops - Adding a Conditional We can make our loops a little smarter by adding a conditional to the statement. 01:32
12 Loops - Simulating break Twig does not have the concept of break (or continue) while looping. But we can try to simulate it using built-in functionality. Are we successful? 06:50
13 Loops - Using break and continue plugin break and continue are not available in Twig but we can use a third party plugin in Craft to make get the functionality we seek. 07:31
14 Wrapping Up We wrap up the course by reviewing what we covered and a few words of encouragement! 00:57

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