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Craft CMS Front-End Registration

Welcome to the Course

In this fundamentals course, we are going to build a front-end user registration flow for Craft CMS.

In this fun­da­men­tals course, we are going to build a front-end user reg­is­tra­tion flow for Craft CMS

You can use this reg­is­tra­tion flow for any projects where you have users cre­at­ing accounts for the front-end of your site. For exam­ple, it could be a sub­scrip­tion site, a pass­word-pro­tect­ed extranet for clients or cus­tomers, or any oth­er type of mem­ber­ship site.

We’ll use Sprig for reac­tiv­i­ty, so some tem­plates are a bet­ter user expe­ri­ence than just plain form submissions.

And, we’ll keep it sim­ple but func­tion­al. This course is a guide on top of which you can and should build your cus­tomized reg­is­tra­tion flow.

We will work with five dif­fer­ent tem­plates to make this flow work. 

  • Login
  • Reg­is­ter
  • For­got Password
  • Set Pass­word
  • Dash­board

And we’ll also cre­ate a log out” link, which doesn’t point to a form but is an action URL to ter­mi­nate the cur­rent user session.

I’ve cre­at­ed all of the forms already for you, but most of them are just HTML at this point. So togeth­er, in this course, we’ll wire the forms up and make them work in Craft CMS.

And, again, to make the expe­ri­ence for the user a lit­tle nicer, we’ll use the Sprig plu­g­in to add some reac­tiv­i­ty to the Twig templates.

Craft CMS Front-End Registration is made up of the following videos: