Flexible Twig Templates in Craft 3

In this course Ryan teaches the Flexible Template Stack, an approach originally put together by developer Anthony Colangelo. The Flexible Template Stack in Twig and Craft allows you to have reusable templates that can render content from any section of the site. This is a setup you can use over and over again on your Craft-powered projects.

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Ryan Irelan

I am the creator of CraftQuest, a web developer, and former software team manager. I spend most of my time improving CraftQuest with code and courses. When I'm not in front of the computer, I spend my time with my family, and running on the roads and trails of Austin, TX.

Flexible Twig Templates in Craft 3 is made up of the following videos:

1 Introduction to the Course Ryan introduces the course, covering what we need and what we'll learn. 03:49
2 What We're Building We review the Downlink website, the project we'll build for this course. 02:02
3 Reviewing the Template Stack Let's use construction paper and labels to review how the template stack works. 05:09
4 Stepping Through the Template Stack Code Let's get familiar with the code that will make up our template stack. 05:03
5 Introducing the Handler Templates The handler templates are what kick off the requests to the other supporting templates in the stack. 02:24
6 Reviewing the Entry Handler Template Diving in, we look at how the Entry Handler Template works. 05:35
7 Reviewing the Item Handler Template The item handler templates let us display individual entries in a listing view. 06:52
8 Reviewing the Matrix Handler Template The last of the three handler templates is one for all Matrix fields in the site. 04:08
9 Preparing to Code the Template Stack The project setup you'll need to do to follow along and code with me. 01:29
10 Reviewing the Layout Template The layout template has all of the global markup and code for the site. 03:10
11 Creating the Homepage Listing Template We start building the template components with the homepage. This covers building out the 06:38
12 Creating the Included Templates The handler templates hand off to templates via includes. Let's build those included templates for our listing pages. 07:57
13 Finishing the Homepage Listing Template We wrap up the homepage listing template by creating additional included templates. We start to see the magic happen. 07:47
14 Completing the Matrix Handler Template We started the Matrix handler template earlier in the course so we could continue our work. Let's finish it up so it works as we need. 07:21
15 Creating the Entry Handler Template So far into the course and we're just doing Entry templates? Yes, but all of this prep work is going to speed things up. Let's make the entries come alive! 10:42
16 Testing the Template Stack All of our work pays off as we add a new section to the site and see the flexible template stack react and work its magic! 05:56