Let's set the stage for the course, covering what we need and what we'll learn.

Here are all of the videos in Flexible Twig Templates in Craft 2:

1IntroductionLet's set the stage for the course, covering what we need and what we'll learn. 03:34
2What We're BuildingWe review the sample site we'll build in this course. 06:06
3Reviewing the Template StackWe use a stack of paper to talk through how the Twig template stack will work. 05:09
4Walking Through Template Stack CodeLet's jump into the code now and step through how the template stack works. 05:06
5Introducing Handler TemplatesHandler templates are the first layer of templates that handler all layouts on the site. Let's review how they work. 02:50
6Entry Handler TemplateThe Entry handler template is used for every single entry view, no matter the section or content. 06:00
7Item Handler TemplateThe Item handler template is used to render the content on listing pages. 04:46
8Matrix Handler TemplateThe Matrix handler template renders all Matrix fields site-wide. 03:29
9Preparing to Code the Template StackWe need to make sure we have everything in place before we start coding our template stack. 01:20
10Reviewing the Supporting TemplatesHandler templates don't work alone. They need help from supporting templates. 03:08
11Creating the Homepage Listing TemplateLet's build our template stack by starting with the homepage. This is a listing template so we'll need to build out our Item handler template. 10:58
12Creating the Included TemplatesThe Included templates do the heavy lifting of rendering the content in the appropriate layouts. 06:55
13Finishing the Homepage Listing TemplateWe wrap up our implementation of the homepage. 09:11
14Completing the Matrix Handler TemplateEarlier we had to create a Matrix handler template stub to get around an error. Let's go back and code that template now. 10:32
15Creating the Entry Handler TemplateIt's time to implement the Entry handler template so we can click through from the homepage and display the single entry views. 12:10
16Testing the Template StackWith our template stack complete let's test it by creating a new content Section and see how it works! 06:11
17ClosingA few words of encouragement and congratulations for completing the course. Confetti not included! 01:03

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