Coding the Cart Page

Let's code the cart page where we can see what is in our cart, add a coupon, and see any adjustments made.

Here are all of the videos in Fundamentals of Craft Commerce 1:

1 Introduction Welcome to the course! We break the ice with info about the course, what we'll learn, and we need to move forward learning about Craft Commerce. 06:31
2 Installing Craft Commerce We review what's needed to install Craft Commerce and step through the installation process together. 06:23
3 Tour of Craft Commerce We take a tour of Craft Commerce and test out the sample templates that come with the plugin. 08:06
4 What We're Building Let's review the sample store we'll build for this course. 03:22
5 The Three Pieces of Craft Commerce We review the data behind Craft Commerce and the three important pieces: products, orders, and customers. 06:50
6 Configuring Craft Commerce The first steps in setting up a Craft Commerce website are to configure with the basic settings. 16:00
7 Coding the Product Listing Template This is the main page of our store and includes a listing of all of our products. 16:41
8 Coding the Product View Template With out product listing template complete, we need a way to show a single product view so customers can add the product to the cart. 18:59
9 Coding the Cart Page Let's code the cart page where we can see what is in our cart, add a coupon, and see any adjustments made. 29:56
10 Starting the Checkout Flow The first step in the checkout flow is to log in or checkout as a guest. We code the template needed to make that happen. 05:59
11 Coding the Addresses Page We need to know where to ship our products and the billing address. We code a very simple addresses template for our checkout flow. 13:18
12 Coding the Shipping Options We code the Shipping Options page in the checkout flow. 05:44
13 Coding the Payment Form We code the payment form so we can accept payments for our carts. 07:32
14 Validation and Re-populating the Payment Form We add validation and repopulation of data to the payment form. 12:25
15 Coding the Order Confirmation Page With a successful order, we need a confirmation page so the customer knows the order went through. 07:27
16 Coding the Order Listing Page Let's give our customers a listing of all of their orders on the customer dashboard page 03:52
17 Managing Order Statuses How to create and change Order Statuses. 02:50
18 Setting Up Email Notifications How to set up email notifications for new orders in Craft Commerce. 03:30
19 Configuring Sales Taxes Basics and best practices for setting up sales taxes in Craft Commerce. 04:07
20 Setting Up Shipping Options How to set up different shipping options for your store. 02:43
21 Congrats, you did it! A hearty congratulations from your teacher. 00:59

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