Fundamentals of GraphQL


Learn how to get started using GraphQL as an API to distribute content and data from Craft CMS. This course focuses on the fundamentals of GraphQL and how to use it within Craft CMS.

Fundamentals of GraphQL is made up of the following videos:

1 What is GraphQL? An introduction to the course and an overview of GraphQL and where it came from. 08:40
2 The Pieces of GraphQL How does GraphQL work? Here are the pieces of GraphQL. 02:24
3 Anatomy of a GraphQL Query GraphQL queries can seem a little odd at first. Let's learn the different parts and how we can use them to retrieve data via our API. 06:29
4 Setting Up GraphQL in Craft How to set up native support of GraphQL in Craft including defining private and public schemas. 11:00
5 Using Arguments in GraphQL Queries Instead of hard coding values in our queries, we can pass data into a query using arguments. 06:03
6 Defining a Default Argument Value We can also define a default value for a parameter. 01:56
7 Using Fragments in GraphQL Fragments in GraphQL allow us to build reusable components that we use in different queries. 03:13
8 Using Aliases in GraphQL GraphQL aliases allow us to name the query results so we can separate out different queries. 02:55
9 Running GraphQL Queries in Craft Twig Templates As of Craft CMS version 3.3.12, we can now query our local GraphQL server right inside of a Twig template. Here's how to use it. 05:58
10 GraphQL Changes in Craft 3.4 (beta) A look at how managing tokens will change in Craft 3.4. 03:18
Course In-Progress This course is still being updated with new content. Check back for more!