Craft Plugin Development In-Depth

Join plugin developer Ben Croker on a journey of exploring Craft plugins in-depth. Go beyond and the basics and learn how and why plugins work the way they do. Along the way improve your own plugin development chops and learn how to write better plugins.

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Ben Croker

Ben runs PutYourLightsOn, a software development company behind some of your favourite plugins. With a background in Computer Science, Ben is passionate about user experience and data visualisation, which he puts to good use when designing and building back-end systems.

Craft Plugin Development In-Depth is made up of the following videos:

1Visualizing a Craft PluginBen jumps right in and maps an illustration of a Craft plugin with the actual code. Even if you've built a plugin, this will help you create a clearer mental model of how the plugin works. 08:26
2How a Plugin Variable WorksContinuing with the EntryCount plugin, Ben takes a closer look at a plugin variable and what happens when you access a variable from a template. 09:49
3How a Plugin Controller WorksBen focuses on the plugin controller. He helps clear up confusion about plugin controllers and how we interact with them using Action URLs and POSTed forms. 12:37
4How Service APIs WorkBen continues his journey through a plugin's internals. This time he focuses on how Service APIs work. 12:05
5Data Structures and StorageGo deep with Ben on data structures and storage and learn a lot about a core part of plugin development for Craft. 15:49
6Database Setup & MigrationBen walks you through how to use the Craft database for storing persistent data for your plugin. 09:51
7Debugging and TroubleshootingBen discusses the difference between a good developer and a great developer: debugging and troubleshooting skills. 14:18
8Scalability and PerformanceNow that you have your plugin built, how does it perform? Ben tackles making performance improvements on the plugin. 18:25
9Config Settings and ExtensibilityBen wraps up the course by walking through how config settings work and how to use events so other developers can extend your plugin. 11:02