Introduction to the Craft Console Command Line Interface (CLI)

Introduction to Craft Console Commands

What are Craft CMS console commands and how do they work?

The con­sole com­mands in Craft allow you to take action on Craft with­out involv­ing a web brows­er or even the usu­al lim­its on mem­o­ry lim­its and max exe­cu­tion time PHP impos­es on exter­nal processes.

A com­mon­ly used Craft CMS con­sole com­mand is the one for installing a plugin:

ddev craft plugin/install buggy

But you can also run all data­base migra­tions using the migrate command. 

ddev craft migrate/all

Craft con­sole com­mands are help­ful for more time-con­sum­ing, mem­o­ry-inten­sive tasks, like mul­ti­ple image trans­forms, re-sav­ing entries, re-sav­ing matrix blocks.