My First Craft CMS Module

In this course you will learn how to create a Craft CMS module. At the end of the course you’ll be comfortable with getting up and running and bootstrapping your way to solving your own problems with a module.

My First Craft CMS Module is made up of the following videos:

1 Getting Started with a Module We cover what a module is and what we'll build in this course. 03:22
2 A Basic Module Class File We code a very simple module class file. 05:13
3 Module Class Autoloading and Bootstrapping We make sure our module code will run in the Craft application by updating the Composer autoloader files and adding it to the Craft bootstrap config. 04:13
4 Using an Event to Customize the Craft Control Panel We add some feature code to the module to add a nav item to the Craft control panel. 08:40
5 Generating a Module Scaffolding with We generate a module scaffolding using and then use it for our simple module approach using the init() method. 07:53
6 Restructuring the Module We redo the module structure to use a src directory and make plans to add a service class. 05:10
7 Adding a Service to a Craft Module, Part 1 We start out with our service by adding a new service class file. 02:39
8 Adding a Service to a Craft Module, Part 2 We refactor the main module class file to make the init method simpler. 05:31
9 Adding a Service to a Craft Module, Part 3 We finish up our work by moving the nav item code into our new class method and refactoring some more. 11:28
10 Learn from the Code that Came Before You There's always an opportunity to learn from the code of others. 06:09