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Up and Running with Craft Commerce 3

Sales Taxes

We review the three different ways you configure sales tax in Commerce.

Here are all of the videos in Up and Running with Craft Commerce 3:

1 Introduction to the Course Welcome to the course! We break the ice with info about the course and set the stage for what's to come. 01:21
2 What We'll Learn We cover what we'll learn in the course. 01:52
3 Getting the Sample Code and Installing the Site We'll use the Crafty Coffee site we built in the Up and Running with Craft course as a starting point for the course work. 05:02
4 Overview of Craft Commerce We review what Craft Commerce is and how we can use it to sell products. 06:45
5 Installing Craft Commerce Commerce is a plugin and we can install it from the Craft Plugin Store or via the command line. 03:50
6 Touring Craft Commerce With Commerce installed, let's tour the control panel interface and get a basic idea for how the plugin works. 06:08
7 The Three Pieces of Craft Commerce Craft Commerce is made up of several of components but here the most important three pieces to know about at the beginning. 07:27
8 What We're Building In this course we're building an online store for our Crafty Coffee website. We'll sell coffee brewing supplies to our customers! 02:10
9 Creating Product Types We begin to configure out Craft Commerce site by building out the Product Types. 05:04
10 Creating Product Fields and Products We start to define the data we want to store with each product and look at the special Commerce fields for SKU and price. 07:25
11 Commerce Element Queries Just like with Entries in Craft, Commerce has Element Queries to retrieve product, order and other store-related data. 04:44
12 Creating a Product Listing Page We start coding a Commerce template so we can list out all of our products with name, image, and price. 07:43
13 Creating a Product Detail Page Every product needs a page with the full description, images, SKU, price, stock status and more. 15:42
14 Creating a Cart Page After a customer adds a product to the cart, we show them the cart page where they can see their items and take action on them. 10:25
15 Continuing the Checkout Process with Login or Guest Checkout We handle logging customers in or allowing them to checkout as guests. 07:33
16 Capturing Shipping and Billing Addresses We build simple forms for capture the billing and shipping information for the order. 04:48
17 Setting Up and Choosing Shipping Methods Commerce gives you fine controls over how you charge for shipping. We uncover the fundamentals and implement some shipping options for our store. 08:30
18 Creating a Payment Page The last step of the checkout process is the payment page. We look at how to do this with 09:25
19 Creating an Order Confirmation Page Every successful order needs a confirmation page so the customer knows their order went through. Here's how to do that in Commerce. 04:24
20 Showing All Orders We create a customer landing page that lists all orders and a link to an active cart. 06:43
21 Managing Order Statuses Order statuses let you manage the order as it progresses through the fulfillment process. 06:01
22 Emails and Notifications We set up email notifications and connect them to status changes to trigger emails when a status is changed. 05:32
23 Managing Promotions Learn how to set up sales and discounts in Commerce so you can offer coupons and store-wide sales on items. 05:09
24 Sales Taxes We review the three different ways you configure sales tax in Commerce. 02:28
25 You Did It! Congratulations, you completed your first Craft Commerce storefront! 01:10

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