Exporting WordPress Posts with WordPress Export XML

How to export WordPress posts as XML and import it into Craft CMS.

Here are all of the videos in Migrating a Website to Craft CMS:

1Introduction to Migrating a Website to Craft CMSGather around as we briefly discuss what we'll cover in this course! 03:11
2Planning a Website Migration to CraftWhat should you consider when planning a site migration to Craft? Ryan steps through what he's learned along the way. 09:28
3Importing Data into CraftBefore we export any data, we need to decide on our import strategy and tool. In Craft we can use the Feed Me plugin to easily import and map our content to existing fields. 14:12
4Exporting Data into an Importable FormatWe continue with a discussion of strategies for getting data out of Craft. We'll handle each situation in a separate, hands-on video but first let's talk about planning and strategy. 07:21
5Planning a WordPress Content ExportWhat to think about when planning to get content out of WordPress and the tools to use. 03:15
6Exporting WordPress Posts with WordPress Export XMLHow to export WordPress posts as XML and import it into Craft CMS. 09:41
7Exporting WordPress Blog with WP JSON APIWe learn how to get posts content out of WordPress using the WP JSON API and how we can extend the API to get the data we need in the format we need. 13:24
8Exporting WordPress Posts with the WP All Export PluginWe use a third party plugin to export WordPress blog posts as XML with custom XML and functions to tweak the output. 13:42
9Exporting ExpressionEngine 2 EntriesUsing some PHP code from Feed Me, we export entries from an ExpressionEngine 2 channel and import them into Craft 3. 17:19
10Example of Migrating Data from a Custom ApplicationRyan walks through an example of moving data out of a custom PHP application and into Craft via a custom Laravel mini application and Feed Me. 10:52

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