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Up and Running with Craft 2

Installing Craft

Let's review the requirements to install and run Craft and then walk through the installation process.

Here are all of the videos in Up and Running with Craft 2:

1 Introduction Let's review what we'll learn in this course. 03:00
2 What We're Building In this course we'll build a site called Crafty Brewery. Let's review the design and templates and understand the features and functionality. 01:13
3 Installing Craft Let's review the requirements to install and run Craft and then walk through the installation process. 13:30
4 Touring Craft With Craft installed, let's walk through the control panel and files to learn more about how Craft works. 08:32
5 Securing Craft Before we continue on with our site build, let's make a couple configuration tweaks to make Craft a bit more secure. 04:11
6 Adding Site Assets We move the template assets to our local server so the templates will render properly in the browser. 01:47
7 Planning Site Sections & Fields Let's review the Crafty Brewery website and plan out how we can model the content requirements in the Craft CMS as sections and fields. 10:12
8 Creating Sections & Fields With our plan in place, let's start building out the site sections and fields. 18:34
9 Handling Assets in Craft We create Asset sources and transforms to handle the images for our entries. 14:35
10 Creating a Structure Section The Structure section type allows us to create nested entries. We'll use it to power the About section of the website. 07:17
11 Brief Introduction to Twig Before we jump into coding the templates, let's review the basics of Twig. 05:49
12 Coding Site Templates Let's bring our content to life by coding the homepage template. 35:09
13 Creating the Entry View Template With the homepage done, let's create the entry view templates. 17:16
14 Reviewing the Homework Let's review the homework you just completed. 05:12
15 Nested Entries with Structure We implement the Structure section in our templates. 07:05
16 Flexible Content with Matrix Let's review what the Matrix field is and how we're going to use to power the Recipes content for our site. 24:16
17 Coding the Matrix Field Let's move to implementing the Matrix field and blocks in our template and bring the powerful setup to life. 23:01
18 Reviewing the Matrix Homework Now that you've done the homework, let's review it and I'll show you my implementation. 01:25
19 Categories in Craft We've been putting off our Brew Style content so it's time to implement it using categories in Craft. 25:40
20 Relationships Between Entries In order to connect a Brew entry to a Recipe entry, we use the Entries field type to create relationships between entries. 06:05
21 Closing Congratulations, you completed the course! Here are a few parting words from Ryan and a bit of encouragement as your move toward building your next site. 01:25

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