Web Performance Testing

The first step to making sure the web sites we build are not a burden on our visitors or customers is understanding how big the pages are while we are developing them. If we can become more aware of how our feature, design, and development decisions impact the performance of the website, we can address problems before they impact the site’s user experience.

This course is all about the basics of testing your site while you design and develop. We will cover everything you need to know to get started with reliable and accurate performance testing of your projects.

Web Performance Testing is made up of the following videos:

1 Introduction Welcome to the course! Let's review what we'll cover in Web Performance Testing. 02:46
2 Getting Started with Web Performance Testing With the introduction done, now it's time to start digging in to what Web Performance Testing is and why it matters. 10:32
3 Web Performance Testing Metrics How do you measure your site's performance? We'll review the most important metrics you should know. 21:57
4 Performance Budgets Learn what a performance budget is, why it matters, and a couple ways to create one. 13:28
5 Using the Performance Budget You have a performance budget but now what? 02:06
6 Performance Testing Tools Let's start some testing. Which tools should we use and why? 01:59
7 Browser Testing Tools A thorough review of the tools available to you right in your web browser. 22:07
8 Measuring Against the Performance Budget Now that we know our browser tools, let's measure against our budget. 04:09
9 WebPageTest.org We'll review the powerful WebPageTest.org and the basic functionality you'll need to know to start performance testing. 13:24
10 Automating WebPageTest.org Don't want to run those tests manually? Here are two ways to automate testing with WebPageTest.org. 13:09
11 Additional Tools There are a lot of performance testing tools out there. Here are a few more you might want to look at. 08:55
12 Testing Environments & Scenarios Don't test just the best case scenarios but test low bandwidth situations, too. 05:57
13 Happy Testing! You've made it all the way through! You're now prepared to start testing and exploring the topic even deeper. 01:11