Craft CMS 5 Guide

Longform Content with CKEditor

How to use the new CKEditor plugin to embed entries for a simple, longford content field. No Matrix needed.

Pri­or to Craft 5 and CKEd­i­tor for Craft CMS 4, we had two options when cre­at­ing mul­ti-media long­form content:

  1. Matrix and Matrix blocks
  2. Vizy, the third-par­ty edi­tor from Verbb

Matrix was a suf­fi­cient solu­tion but always felt a lit­tle clunky and dis­joint­ed from the actu­al pre­sen­ta­tion of the con­tent. Vizy is a real­ly nice plu­g­in (check out my video on it) but I’ll admit it is nice to see first-par­ty sup­port for this type of con­tent authoring.

As part of learn­ing how to use the new CKEd­i­tor sup­port in Craft 5, we’ll also get to expe­ri­ence the improved imple­men­ta­tion work­flow for sec­tion, entry types, field lay­outs, and fields.

Before we con­tin­ue, please note that to fol­low along with this video, you will need a beta of Craft CMS run­ning. If you do not yet have that, check out my arti­cle on how to get up and run­ning with a Craft 5 beta. 

Also, we’ll need to have a beta ver­sion of CKEd­i­tor installed, which sup­port embed­ding ele­ments right inline with the rest of the rich text content.

Craft CMS 5 Guide is made up of the following videos: