Performance Budgets

Learn what a performance budget is, why it matters, and a couple ways to create one.

Here are all of the videos in Web Performance Testing:

1IntroductionWelcome to the course! Let's review what we'll cover in Web Performance Testing. 02:46
2Getting Started with Web Performance TestingWith the introduction done, now it's time to start digging in to what Web Performance Testing is and why it matters. 10:32
3Web Performance Testing MetricsHow do you measure your site's performance? We'll review the most important metrics you should know. 21:57
4Performance BudgetsLearn what a performance budget is, why it matters, and a couple ways to create one. 13:28
5Using the Performance BudgetYou have a performance budget but now what? 02:06
6Performance Testing ToolsLet's start some testing. Which tools should we use and why? 01:59
7Browser Testing ToolsA thorough review of the tools available to you right in your web browser. 22:07
8Measuring Against the Performance BudgetNow that we know our browser tools, let's measure against our budget. 04:09
9WebPageTest.orgWe'll review the powerful and the basic functionality you'll need to know to start performance testing. 13:24
10Automating WebPageTest.orgDon't want to run those tests manually? Here are two ways to automate testing with 13:09
11Additional ToolsThere are a lot of performance testing tools out there. Here are a few more you might want to look at. 08:55
12Testing Environments & ScenariosDon't test just the best case scenarios but test low bandwidth situations, too. 05:57
13Happy Testing!You've made it all the way through! You're now prepared to start testing and exploring the topic even deeper. 01:11

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