Reviewing Commits with git-log

Let’s look at our his­to­ry of change in the repos­i­to­ry using git-log, a handy way to dis­play the com­mit objects in the repos­i­to­ry database.

$ git log
  On branch master
  nothing to commit, working directory clean
  Ryans-11:learn-ruby ryan$ git log
  commit 10183ab59acbea83c8aed6cde90d5b2e8506191f
  Author: Ryan Irelan <[email protected]>
  Date:   Fri Apr 1 11:50:16 2016 -0500
    adding remaining files to repository
  commit 0542a0f470d5e5e4af0bb2a7573ab9fc34167475
  Author: Ryan Irelan <[email protected]>
  Date:   Fri Apr 1 11:13:40 2016 -0500
    adding first file

If you fol­lowed along with the com­mands I typed then you should see some­thing sim­i­lar to this. git-log out­puts two com­mits. We’ll dig in a deep­er on git-log a bit lat­er. For now we just want to see that our com­mits are there.